Existing Technology Can Slash Mercury, Toxic Power Plant Emissions That Harm Children

BY ON June 23, 2011
This piece was written by Dan Weiss, Valeri Vasquez, and Stewart Boss and cross-posted from Think Progress. Coal-fired power plants shoot 772 million pounds of airborne toxic chemicals into the sky every year—more than 2.5 pounds for every American man, woman, and child. In March the Environmental Protection...

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Clean Air Community

BY ON June 23, 2011
This piece was cross-posted at Farmers Daughter One of the reasons that I joined the Moms Clean Air Force was to become part of a community who cares about the health of our atmosphere and how that impacts our children’s health.  I realized that there’s...

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AEP-EPA-What’s In An Acronym?

BY ON June 23, 2011
This piece was cross-posted at Milspouse Mutterings AEP is American Electric Power – EPA is the Environmental Protection Agency.  Now recently AEP decided to make an announcement that because of the Clean Air Act rules – they are going to be “forced” to shut down...

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The Carbon Ruling

BY ON June 22, 2011
This Editorial originally appeared in the New York Times. The Supreme Court’s decision on greenhouse gases on Monday is a disappointment to the states and environmental groups that had hoped to use federal common law to curb carbon dioxide pollution from power plants. It would...

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