Great News! Major Wins for Climate Safety.

BY ON November 7, 2018
Is the glass half full, or half empty? That’s what I found myself wondering all morning (and well into last night) as I followed election results. I’m going with half full — more than half full, in fact. Don’t believe the pundits who tell us...

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Hope Lives in Your Vote

BY ON November 2, 2018
The last few weeks have been heartbreaking. We are living in a supercharged atmosphere of fear and hatred, fanned by the political campaign rhetoric of rage, lies and distortion. Jews are murdered while worshipping in their synagogue. African Americans are murdered while getting their groceries....

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Ozone Deaths Down Following Clean Air Act Amendments

BY ON October 25, 2018
This was written by Sean Reilly. It originally posted on E&E News: The number of air pollution-related deaths in the United States plunged by almost half in the two decades following passage of the 1990 Clean Air Act Amendments, amounting to about 71,000 by 2010, according...

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