The Arctic is a Crazy Place for Polar Bears

BY ON February 14, 2017

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For years, polar bears were the poster children for climate change. Parents know climate change isn’t just about glaciers and polar bears. (Tweet this) It’s about the health of our kids too. The global crisis of climate change adversely affects children’s health.

But when a reputable scientific publication boasts a headline stating, The Arctic is Getting Crazy, empathetically, we think, “Oh no, not those poor POLAR BEARS!”

What kind of crazy stuff is happening in the Arctic that’s got climate scientists all up in arms? 

With temperatures 30 to 50 degrees Fahrenheit above average in some places last year, Arctic warming records are breaking sooner than expected…

“It does seem as though things are unfolding faster than most people expected. The ice is certainty disappearing faster than we expected. Even five years ago most models were projecting that we’d see a summer without sea ice probably by end of the century. Now the estimates or more like 2030 or 2040, and even that might be too far into the future. The whole ream of records that has been broken in the Arctic in the past year seems to indicate that we’re seeing things unfold faster. And that’s happening all across the Earth’s climate system.” ~ Mark Fischetti for Scientific American

As sea ice declines and the Arctic warms faster than any other place on the planet, to save polar bears from extinction, the government announced last month that we need to take action on climate change right now.

Will President Trump step up and help save polar bears from extinction?

Polar bears did catch his attention a few years ago after a federal study found that global warming is the main threat to polar bears. Trump’s stunning denial answers the question:

Trump tweet denying climate change, saying polar bears population strong

Within the first few moments of President Trump’s presidency, the official White House website deleted nearly all mentions of climate change. If that’s any indication on how he plans to save polar bears, we can make a pretty good guess as to how he’ll protect our kids from the devastating health effects they’re already experiencing from climate change.

Preventing the loss of Arctic sea ice not only saves polar bears, it helps protect the entire planet, and that includes our kids.

So whether it’s polar bears or babies, President Trump has a moral obligation to act on climate. Failure to take action would be a crazy injustice to our kids. (Tweet this)


Watch the Arctic melt away as the Earth warms

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