Our Core Team

Led by co-founder and senior director Dominique Browning, Moms Clean Air Force, a special project of Environmental Defense Fund, is a national movement of more than 1,000,000 moms — and dads too! — who are protecting our children’s right to clean air — just as our parents fought for us, forty years ago, when the Clean Air Act was first passed. Learn more today.

We are here to tell Washington: Listen to your moms. We share the air — and we want it clean.


Dominique Browning

Co-Founder and Senior Director

Dominique Browning is a co-founder and the director of Moms Clean Air Force, a national organization of over a million mothers uniting to protect our children’s health and well-being by making sure our clean air and climate rules and laws are as strong as they can be. She is the mother of two sons. She is also a writer and editor. She blogs at Slow Love Life and writes regularly for the New York Times and TIME.com. Dominique has contributed to W, Wired, Whole Living, and Good Housekeeping, among other publications. She spent most of her journalistic career in the magazine world, as an editor at Esquire, Texas Monthly, Newsweek, and House & Garden. She is the author of several books; the most recent is SLOW LOVE: How I Lost My Job, Put on My Pajamas, & Found Happiness. She is a recipient of the Audubon Women in Conservation’s prestigious Rachel Carson Award.


Hanne Grantham

Hanne Grantham is presently co-chair of the Grantham Foundation for the Protection of the Environment, which she co-founded in 1996. She is on the advisory boards of various organizations, including the World Wildlife Fund, Oxfam America and is on the joint Imperial College/London School of Economics Climate Committee Advisory Board. She also serves as trustee for the Textile Museum in DC and The Friends of the Public Garden, Boston. A native of Germany, Grantham received her BA and MA from Brandeis University, and has been teaching German language and literature at various levels. She lives in Boston with her husband, Jeremy, and they have three grown children.


Sue Mandel

Sue Mandel is a director of the ZOOM Foundation, which focuses its work on innovative change efforts that have the high potential for sustainable, scalable impact, especially in the areas of education and the environment. Sue also serves as a trustee of EDF and Vassar College.

cynthia hampton

Cynthia Hampton

Cynthia Hampton serves as Vice President, Membership Marketing & Development for the Environmental Defense Fund. Cynthia leads a group of professional marketers who create, develop and execute the marketing and membership efforts for the organization. She previously served as Managing Director of Global Marketing at the Citigroup Private Bank and as an Executive Vice President at Young and Rubicam.

vickie patton

Vickie Patton

Vickie Patton serves as Environmental Defense Fund’s General Counsel and manages the organization’s national and regional clean air programs. For two decades, she has worked to protect human health and the environment from air pollution. She has been involved in numerous rulemakings under the Clean Air Act and associated cases (including several successful cases before the U.S. Supreme Court), testified before congressional and state legislative committees, and authored several articles on air quality protection and environmental policy.

Our Core Team

Ronnie Citron-Fink

Editorial Director

Ronnie Citron-Fink is a writer, editor and educator. She writes and edits articles about the environment, politics and health for websites, books and magazines. Ronnie is the creator of the blog, Econesting. Her posts can also be found on Huffington Post, Medium, Care2, Planet Green, Inhabitat, Yahoo, Treehugger and other sites. Ronnie was named one of the Top Ten Living Green Experts by Yahoo. She was a contributor to Family Fun and is included in their books. Ronnie was a teacher for many years and is the mother of two children.

Molly Rauch

Public Health Policy Director

As public health policy director, Molly Rauch develops clean air campaigns, creates educational resources, manages media outreach, cultivates partnerships and collaborations with other organizations, and writes about public health, science, and policy. She lives with her family in Washington, DC, where she serves on the District of Columbia’s Commission on Climate Change and Resiliency. Her writing on environmental health has appeared in Goodhousekeeping.com, Parents.com, and Huffington Post, among other publications. A native New Yorker, she holds a master’s degree in public health.

Heather Toney

Heather McTeer Toney

National Field Director

Heather McTeer Toney served as the first African-American, first female and youngest mayor of Greenville, MS. In 2014, she was appointed by President Barack Obama to serve as Regional Administrator for Environmental Protection Agency’s (EPA) Southeast Region. Known for her energetic and genuine commitment to people, her work has made her a national figure in public service, diversity and community engagement. Previously working on local government policy initiatives and the Moms & Mayors program for Moms Clean Air Force, Heather now leads the field program. Heather holds a bachelor’s degree from Spelman College in Atlanta and a law degree from the Tulane University School of Law. She loves triathlons and bacon, and at any time can be found chasing her toddler or riding in old classic cars with her husband and daughter.

Trisha Sheehan

Trisha Sheehan

National Field Manager 

Trisha Sheehan manages the field staff and volunteers across the country to develop and deploy strategic plans to increase grassroots advocacy on key environmental issues at the local, state and federal level. Trisha works with our elected officials to advocate for strong policies at every level of government to protect our children’s health from toxic chemicals, air pollution and the impacts from climate change. Trisha has a Masters of Business Administration with a B.S. in Marketing and serves on the board for the Columbia Center School of Public Health in NYC. Trisha lives in New Jersey with her three young sons.

Shakeila James

Shakeila James

Regional Field Manager 

Shakeila James works with the field staff and volunteers across the country. Shakeila has successfully launched numerous fundraising campaigns for organizations and individual entities. She is a graduate of both Winthrop University and Webster University where she received dual BA degrees and a Master’s of Arts Degree in Counseling in addition to formal leadership and organizational training. Shakeila’s passion for Moms Clean Air Force is simple. As an African-American woman, she was not exposed to the conversation about climate, the environment or its effect on our health until adulthood. As a devout Christian and advocate, Shakeila endeavors to spread awareness about the issues that directly affect generations to come. She is a native of South Carolina, where she resides with her husband, 3 children and loving miniature Goldendoodle. Shakeila is a devoted community servant and activist and a lover of faith, family, and future and all things Southern.

Gabriela Rivera

Gabriela Rivera

Regional Field Manager 

Gabriela Rivera has a long history of constituency and political organizing, both at the state and national level. She organized to increase Latino civic engagement and access to higher education in California and Arizona. Coming from a diverse community herself, Gabriela brings her organizing experience to Moms Clean Air Force because she understands that the health of children from diverse communities are disproportionately and adversely impacted by the environment in which they live. Gabriela is a graduate of the University of California, San Diego where she received a Bachelor’s in Political Science, with a specialization in International Relations. She received a Master of Public Affairs from the University of San Francisco.

Kate Caprari

Kate Caprari

Creative Director, Consultant

Kate Caprari, principal and founder of Three Square Design, developed the signature Moms Clean Air Force look and creates the visuals for all our digital and print communications. She believes in the power of design to create positive social impact and gathers inspiration from around the world. In recent years, she has traveled to Kenya, Costa Rica, Patagonia, and the Galapagos Islands. She lives in Boston with her husband and toddler son.

Shaun Dakin

Social Media Director, Consultant

Shaun Dakin Associates advises our work in Twitter, Pinterest, Facebook, Flickr, and Storify, as well as any other new platforms online. Shaun is a nationally known expert in privacy issues. His wife, Dr. Saleena Dakin, is a pediatrician with a large practice in Washington, DC. Shaun is the primary caregiver of their young son, Joseph and their two dogs.

Anneka Wisker

Project Manager

Anneka Wisker manages social media and digital presences, researches, writes, builds website content, and helps manage our field efforts. As a sailor, who recently survived a trek from Rhode Island to Bermuda, Anneka knows how to navigate the choppy currents of a start-up. With a degree in Environmental Policy, and a strong interest in communication for the greater good, Anneka is thrilled to combine both in her work for Moms Clean Air Force.

Sasha Tenenbaum

Communications Specialist 

Sasha Tenenbaum is a communications specialist with Moms Clean Air Force, first beginning as a “supermom” member in 2014. Sasha brings to this role more than 15 years of experience managing media and advocacy strategy for civil society and international organizations. Her issue focus has ranged from climate change (The Climate Group, Sustainable Urban Forests Coalition) to criminal justice (Interpol, Coalition for the International Criminal Court) to humanitarian and cultural affairs (International Rescue Committee, Center for Jewish History). Sasha holds a B.A. from the University of Oregon in Journalism and French as well as a Master’s degree from Columbia University’s School of International and Public Affairs. She lives in Washington, D.C. with her husband and two children.

Victoria Rachmaninoff

Program Coordinator 

Victoria Rachmaninoff works with the field staff to organize events, coordinate special projects, and ensure the smooth running of the field program. Her background fighting for education equality in Minnesota and first-hand experiences researching the impacts of climate change in South America made joining Moms Clean Air Force a natural fit. She graduated from Carleton College, where she specialized in Anthropology and Studio Art. Victoria lives in Washington D.C. with her two pet rabbits, Oliver and Francis.