New Report: Face to Face with Oil and Gas Pollution

BY ON July 24, 2018

Pollution from the oil and gas industry is hurting American families. Pollution doesn’t care whether you live in an urban or rural area or how far you live from oil and gas operations — its reach is far and its impacts are long-lasting. In order to understand the true impact on families — beyond statistics and political agenda — we’re telling the stories of seven impacted women from six states and the ways pollution has transformed the daily lives of their families.

Today, Moms Clean Air Force released a new report, “Face to Face with Oil and Gas: Voices from the Front Lines of Oil and Gas Pollution” to show the real life experience of families living with the impacts of oil and gas pollution.

While families live with the consequences, the Trump administration continues to attack environmental safeguards that protect our communities and our children from oil and gas pollution.

Oil and gas pollution adds to the significant health burdens of low-income communities and communities of color, including African American, Latino, and Tribal communities. Attacks on critical protections only exacerbate existing inequities and put families at increased risk of serious health issues.

Meet Jane, Jill, Misti, Cherelle, Shirley, Stacy, and Diana: Moms who are raising families in the fallout of oil and gas pollution, bravely fighting for their children’s health. Read their stories and learn more about what we can do to build safe, healthy communities.

Despite how much we may want to, moms can’t control the air our children breathe. We depend on our leaders to protect our children by limiting exposure to harmful oil and gas pollution.

The good news is, moms across the country are uniting to fight back. We’re holding federal and state governments accountable, demanding that they put the health of our children over the profits of the fossil fuel industry. Our stories, our voices, and our love are powerful — and together, we can do what it takes to keep our children safe.



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