Ohio Moms Meet With Senator’s Office

BY ON January 30, 2012
Moms Clean Air Force members meet with Ben Famous in Ohio


In an effort to provide moms (and dads!) in Ohio, the ability to easily learn about air pollution issues, TAKE ACTION, and find out more about their elected officials, we held a meeting last week at Firefly Play Cafe in Clintonville, Ohio. This is a popular location where Clintonville parents regularly bring their children. This allowed parents to bring their children with them to the meeting. The children were running around having fun while our group sat and talked. Everyone was happy–moms and kids.

On this afternoon we came to meet with Ben Famous. Ben is Senator Sherrod Brown’s legislative aid. He was incredibly knowledgeable and we started by having him tell us about what Senator Brown has done, and is continuing to do to clean the air and the environment in Ohio. The parents took turns asking excellent questions and voiced their concerns about Ohio’s air. All of us contributed to what ended up being a really great discussion. Please join Moms Clean Air Force to receive invitations to other upcoming meetings like this. Thank you!

TOPICS: Ohio, Politics, Pollution