Moms Clean Air Force Ohio Stands Up To FirstEnergy

BY ON August 13, 2013

hands raised with text that reads: take the pledge - against FirstEnergy Solutions

Stand Up to FirstEnergy Solutions

FirstEnergy Solutions is reaching out to Ohioans asking them to switch electric companies. They just haven’t mentioned that they are lobbying against cost-savings measures that keep dollars in the pockets of consumers. FirstEnergy Solutions has one clear goal: they want you to pay more for electricity. More specifically, they want you to pay THEM more for electricity. That’s why Moms Clean Air force has launched a campaign to take charge and stand up to FirstEnergy.

Take the Pledge and voluntarily agree to NOT switch to FirstEnergy Solutions until FirstEnergy changes their ways and supports cleaner energy solutions. Clean energy and energy efficiency are good for Ohio. From healthier air and decreased pollution, to lower electricity prices for homeowners, everyone in this state benefits from clean energy standards. Let’s stand up to FirstEnergy!


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