Speak Out for Open Space in New York

BY ON December 3, 2014

New York forested land

This article is from Parks and Trails New York:

Do you care about open space in New York State? Then let your voice be heard! Comments are being accepted until December 17 on the 2014 NYS Open Space Conservation Plan, which will guide the State’s investments in open space protection for the next several years. A series of public hearings were held across the state last week.

The draft plan was created through the work of nine Regional Advisory Committees composed of representatives of county governments and people knowledgeable in open space conservation. A Parks and Trails representative sits on the Capital Region Committee.

The Draft Plan makes recommendations on how open space conservation will help the State:

  • Ensure clean water, air and land for a healthy public and vibrant economy
  • Green New York’s economy
  • Protect natural resources and promote outdoor recreation, especially New York’s parks and trails
  • Increase and improve the visitor experience
  • Create a 21st century parks system that is aesthetically compelling, energy and operationally efficient, and built to last
  • Work to address climate change
  • Comments are particularly being sought on:
  • How the state and its partners can promote and enhance existing and new state lands as tourism destinations as part of a comprehensive open space conservation program;
  • How the state can make public lands attractive to a diversity of New Yorkers;
  • How DEC and State Parks can offer better access for sportsmen and women;
  • How DEC and State Parks can work to provide outdoor recreation opportunities for New Yorkers and visitors of all abilities through Universal Access;
  • Where DEC and State Parks can further develop Universal Access; and
  • What the state can do to acquire and make more accessible lands near and in urban centers.

Read the plan HERE. Submit your comments by email or mail to Open Space Conservation Plan, 625 Broadway, Albany, NY 12233.

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