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A First Look At The Clean Power Plan

BY ON June 5, 2014
This was written by Megan Ceronsky for Climate 411:  Earlier this week, our nation took a ground-breaking step by proposing to finally establish carbon pollution limits on existing power plants — the single largest source of climate-destabilizing pollution in the U.S. and one of the...

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What’s Better? More Pollution, Or Less Pollution? (video)

BY ON April 30, 2013
Moms Clean Air Force has created  a series of ads with the Environmental Defense Fund to express gratitude for senators in Missouri, New Hampshire, North Carolina and Virginia. Their opposition to anti-Clean Air Act amendments during Senate budget debates in March that would have blocked the...

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10 Tweetable Facts In Honor Of U.S. National Parks

BY ON April 20, 2013
Did you know all of America’s parks belong to YOU? We’re taking this opportunity to celebrate our National Parks, and the beauty of spending time outdoors. So we’ve put together 10 tweetable facts and quotes in honor of our country’s beautiful National Parks. Please SHARE these 10...

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