New Hampshire Thanks Sen. Kelly Ayotte

BY ON July 11, 2012

This is a post written by MCAF New Hampshire Field Organizer, Yvonne Nanasi:

Senator Kelly Ayotte is a mom who knows that pollution hurts our kids. She knows New Hampshire is on the receiving end of a lot of out-of-state toxic air pollution. She knows our environment has been contaminated by the mercury pollution. She voted to clean up our air when she voted against the effort to block new air pollution rules.

Moms Clean Air Force appreciates New Hampshire Senator Kelly Ayotte’s vote for cleaner air. Starting now through July 16th, New Hampshire TV stations will air the Moms Clean Air Force’s thank you message to Senator Ayotte.

You can view this special thank you ad below, and share it with others.

Better yet, you can join us in thanking a remarkable New Hampshire mom – Senator Kelly Ayotte. Send her a tweet or post a message on her Facebook page.

We always make sure that our children send a personal thank you note when someone does something special for them. Senator Kelly Ayotte did something special for us when she voted for cleaner air and she deserves a heartfelt thank you!


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