A Link Between our National Security and Climate Change is Real

BY ON May 22, 2015

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Our military leaders are paying attention to the world’s most-respected climate scientists. Why? Because they — our, soldiers, our children — are the ones who die in oil wars; because their coastal bases are flooding and will have to be relocated; because they understand that a changing climate is going to wreak political havoc around the globe. Our children and our nation depend on the stabilization of the atmosphere.

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This is an excerpt from The Long History of Linking Climate Change to American Security:

“We have a little bit of money devoted to a comprehensive, worldwide effort to deal with the threat of global warming,” the president said. “It is simply a matter of science and evidence. It is … necessary to reverse it to stand up for America’s values and America’s interests.”

Given that we’ve employed the standard trick of not naming the president, you may have guessed that the quote above doesn’t come from President Obama’s remarks at Wednesday’s Coast Guard Academy commencement. In that speech, Obama linked the security of the country with the threat of climate change in the same way. But the comments above instead come from a speech about two decades ago — by President Bill Clinton.

The most remarkable thing about Obama’s Coast Guard comments, in which he argued that we must address the threat of climate change if only to decrease global instability and risks to U.S. facilities, is that it’s the refrain to a long-running tune. The link between our security and our carbon emissions has been drawn time and again. READ FULL ARTICLE HERE

MILITARY VOICES on Global Warming


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