Mother’s Day Action At Michigan Capitol

BY ON May 13, 2013

Michigan capitol building

Mothers called lawmakers on May 9th in Lansing, Michigan to put partisanship aside and be MOMpartisian to make Michigan a better place to raise a family. Members of the Mothering Justice, Moms Clean Air Force, along with several other mother’s organizations gathered in the Capitol Rotunda for a rally before heading out to meet with lawmakers. The mission was to draw attention to their issue that they say would contribute to a better life for all Michiganders. The issues raised by the mom-based groups focus on workplace issues, clean air, safe toys, and gun safety.

“Mothering Justice members are here today because mothers from around the state don’t have access to guaranteed paid sick days and access to affordable childcare- and those are issues that affect their financial security,” says Danielle Atkinson, Director of Mothering Justice, an organization that works on issues of financial  stability for mothers. “Having and caring for children should not cause women to suffer a lifetime of economic disadvantages.”

The mothers delivered  baby bottles stuffed with messages to legislative offices. “I’m here today because it seems like Lansing has the wrong priorities. They pander to businesses while it gets harder every day for me to provide for my family”, said Stacey Stevens a  mother of two from Berkley.” I would like lawmakers to focus on helping cities keep libraries open and prevent cuts to police and fire.”

Parents from Moms Clean Air Force believe that they know what’s best for their families and it’s time that Lansing lawmakers listen to us, said Vee Heymach, Moms Clean Air Force’s State Organizer for Michigan.

We are here to tell lawmakers that right now in Michigan we still have 12 coal fired power plants that have been deemed hazardous and below EPA standards. They pollute Michigan’s air every day and those pollutants are especially harmful for our children. It is time for our lawmakers to seek sources of energy that do not pose such a threat to our communities health and especially our children’s health.”

Trina Oliver, a mother from Detroit, speaks on the issue of gun-safety: “I don’t understand why our elected officials can’t work together to address the violence in our communities. They talk about children being our future but it’s time to do the hard work to keep our babies safe.”

The groups which includes moms from Mothering Justice, Moms Clean Air Force, Moms Demand Action, Ecology
Center, Protecting our Children for Life, Friends of Michigan Midwives, Breastfeeding Mothers Unite, Lansing Moms and Expectant Moms and Mothers Demanding Justice said they want more attention paid to their individual organizational policy priorities and they also would like lawmakers to host “mama conversation town halls” in their districts to hear from parents about what they think Lansing lawmakers should prioritize.


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