Your Turn: More Than An Ozone Number

BY ON June 29, 2011

This piece by Donna Barnett was cross posted on Chasing Clean Air.

Yellow!Ozone pollution (smog) over a city
Where’s the green!

If we’re to progress toward bluer skies, we’ve got to offer solutions for industry and individuals to take action!

The other day Chasing Clean Air reader, Irene Kittrell, asked my impression about an EPA Greenversations blog post called Raising the Flag for Air Quality Awareness, which highlighted schools in North Carolina that raise colored flags depending on air quality alert of the day.

If it’s an orange flag, naturally, no Jungle Jim.

But the EPA blog post left Johnny stuck inside.

If Johnny’s stuck inside because adults can’t figure out how to keep the skies clean, then Johnny and his classmates should be indoors writing legislators, energy and transportation executives, and the EPA, making them accountable and stating,

“Do something to clean our air!”

And then the kids should demand representatives come to their school, stand in front of every class, and share quarterly progress report cards.

I can see Johnny now, arms folded across this chest with heads of polluting companies one after another coming to address the class.

Johnny: “So did you clean your tailpipes? Did you invest in cleaner energy? Did you replace the old school buses? I want to play outside!”

Polluting Companies: “Well, Johnny, here’s what we’ve done…”

Johnny: “You can do better! I look forward to your next progress report. I did say, progress report. Now if you excuse me I’m going to… to…”

Johnny pauses and rolls his eyes thinking of the days his parents recounted playing outdoors anytime the weather was warm,

“I’m going to play Tag-Your-It inside.” Johnny sighs. “Because you guys haven’t done your job!”


I hope if you have children or teachers in your life you’ll encourage them to write letters and make calls to help ensure that legislators and industry remain accountable to our lungs.

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