175,000 Moms and Dads Deliver Comments Supporting Climate Action Plan

BY ON December 3, 2014

Moms Clean Air Force members deliver the petition

This week, Moms Clean Air Force delivered 175,000 comments to the US Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) on their proposed plan to limit carbon dioxide emissions from power plants. EPA’s historic plan would limit, for the first time, dangerous greenhouse gas emissions from the largest emissions source, power plants. After a lengthy process of gathering input on the proposal – holding public hearings across the country, extending by six weeks the public comment period – EPA’s job is now to read and consider each and every comment it received, and finalize the carbon pollution plan by next June.

What a testament to the power of working together. 175,000 of you told EPA: Yes, we want to see limits placed on the amount of dangerous greenhouse gas pollution that power plants are permitted to spew into the atmosphere.

And here’s what those 175,000 voices mean:

  • We want our children to grow up healthy and secure.
  • We care about their health now, and we care about their health in the future.
  • We care about children everywhere, and especially the poorest of the poor – because it’s the most vulnerable communities on earth who will feel the sharpest sting from the ravages of climate change.
  • We love our country, and all the amazing places in it, and we want our children to have the opportunity to love these special places too.
  • We believe fiercely in American ingenuity. We know we can solve this problem.
  • We raise our voices because we have to, as parents.

Jessica Hunt, a mom in DC, came to help us make the delivery. (You can see her holding the sign, on the right.) Here’s why she came:

“As a military mom concerned about climate change, I was honored to be a part of this historic presentation…We have an opportunity here to make a better world for our kids. Their future depends on the actions we as parents must take to make our voices heard!”

Thank you Jessica — and thank you to each and every one of you who joined with us to tell EPA that you support climate action. We are making a difference. 


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