Moms Support America’s Clean Power Plan

BY ON September 20, 2016

Moms Clean Air Force members support America's Clean Power Plan

Climate change is real. Currently, there are no limits on the largest single source of human-caused climate pollution – power plants. We think that’s wrong.

To address this glaring pollution loophole, the EPA, under the Obama Administration, developed a plan to limit the amount of greenhouse gas pollution that can be emitted by power plants.

America’s Clean Power Plan sets up state-specific carbon emissions reduction targets. The plan is flexible, encouraging each state to figure out how to meet its target. The Plan gives states the responsibility and freedom to craft an emissions reduction strategy tailored to their specific needs.

Moms across the country are fighting to protect children’s health by showing support for America’s Clean Power Plan! Find out why in the videos below:

Kelly Nichols, Illinois

Christine Berg, Colorado


Terra Pascarosa, Virginia

Gretchen Dahlkemper, Pennsylvania

Jarna Webster, Hawaii

Laura Burns, Ohio

Becky Whitley, New Hampshire


Christine Dolle, Pennsylvania


Alden Cleanthes, Virginia

Lindsay Pace, Tennessee


Jennifer Moeller, Los Angeles


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