Moms Support EPA’s Clean Energy Incentive Program

BY ON October 24, 2016

Kids with pinwhhels in the wind illustration

Last summer, EPA finalized America’s Clean Power Plan, a historic step to slash climate pollution from US power plants. As part of America’s Clean Power Plan, EPA included the Clean Energy Incentive Program (CEIP), which provides incentives for states to support early investments in renewable energy and energy efficiency.

Right now, the EPA is collecting public comments to help it finalize the Clean Energy Incentive Program. The agency needs to hear that moms and dads support renewable energy and energy efficiency, and that we want our states to invest in a clean air future today.

The Clean Energy Incentive Program provides incentives for states to invest in renewable energy and energy efficiency earlier – years before the requirements of America’s Clean Power Plan kick in. It gives states incentives to ramp up these clean air programs faster, so families can benefit sooner.

The benefits of efficiency and renewables are many. By tackling the pollution that causes climate change, states can help protect children’s wellbeing now and in the future. Climate change is happening now (Tweet this), but the solutions are here. And the solutions help our families: Cutting dangerous climate pollution reduces asthma attacks; creates green jobs; and safeguards our families from climate change.

EPA has the opportunity to craft a program that directly benefits low-income communities – the people and places hurt worst and first by air pollution and climate change. Please submit a comment to the agency in support of a strong Clean Energy Incentive Program.


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