Moms and Mayors – Mama Summit Toolkit

Organize a Mom Power Summit: Toolkit

Organize a Mom Power Summit to thank your mayor and city council for steps they have taken and encourage them to do more.

What is a Mom Power Summit? A mom power summit is a Moms Clean Air Force locally organized event that brings together our membership and local leaders to bring attention to issues and policy that impact clean air and children’s health. The goal of this day of action is to amplify the message of fighting for clean air and protecting children’s health; and that local elected officials are willing to take necessary actions in the absence of federal leadership through local means of governance.

While events may differ in size and type, common components could include:

  • Mom Power Summit Proclamation from your city.
  • Invite local moms, dads and other friends of climate to participate.
  • Invite local children to become “Mayor for a Day” and write their clean air wishes to city hall.
  • Invite one or two local speakers to talk about how your city is advocating for clean air OR a topic related to clean and air children’s health.

Mom Power Summit Resources:

The Mamas Are Coming
Letter of Introduction
Guide to Meeting with Your Mayor
What Cities Can Do About Air Pollution and Climate Change
All Aboard: Joining Boards and Commissions
Mama Summit Proclamation

Please get in touch, and we’d be happy to coordinate with you and send additional resources for your event.

Amplify with Social Media

Tell our Million Moms what you are doing in your city and at your summit.

Event hashtags:

When posting photos or videos to social media, please use our event hashtags:

Main hashtag: #MomPowerSummit2019
State-specific hashtag: #MomPowerSummit[state abbreviation] ie #MomPowerSummitPA
Additional option: #localleadersforcleanair

Please also stream your events live on Facebook and Twitter.

Find a Summit in Your Area

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Tell Us your Story

Please tell us why you are taking action today: Does your child have asthma or other illness exacerbated or caused by pollution? Is your neighborhood polluted? Do you care about climate change? Have you joined a local board or commission? Tell us about it.