Moms to Top Retailers: Take Toxic Chemicals Off Your Shelves (videos)

BY ON April 19, 2013

Small girl sitting in a grocery cart, looking up at a shelf of groceries

Last week, Moms Clean Air Force bloggers and friends fanned out across the country to ask retailers to Mind the Store.” The new campaign, from MCAF partner Safer Chemicals Healthy Families, aims to get top retailers to take toxic chemicals off their shelves.

I was honored to be part of this group. In the days since I visited my local Safeway, I’ve also been inspired to feel part of this amazing moment in mom activism. Moms and friends of moms are using the power of their voices, their pocketbooks, their social networks, and their mother love to demand change. Take a look at what they’ve been doing.

Shane from Environmental Booty went to Target.


Katy from Non-Toxic Kids went to Home Depot.


Lori from Groovy Green Living went to Walgreens.


Laura from Laura’s Rules joined me on a visit to Safeway.


You can read more about the campaign at Safer Chemicals Healthy Families and at Climate Mama.

While MCAF and bloggers were talking to retailers, lawmakers were also getting serious about toxics. Last week, Senators Lautenberg (NJ) and Gillibrand (NY) introduced a bill, the Safe Chemicals Act, that would ensure that chemicals are tested before they hit the store shelves. Co-sponsored by 27 other Senators, the bill has the support as well of the American Academy of Pediatrics, which stated that the new bill is “a welcome and needed step toward protecting children and their families from harmful chemicals.”

I couldn’t agree more.


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