Mercury Poisoning

The Health Benefits Of Reducing Mercury Are Much Larger Than Estimated

BY ON January 4, 2019
According to an article from Syracuse University, the science is clear between the health impacts of mercury emissions in the U.S. on children and other vulnerable populations. Mercury emission standards have markedly reduced mercury in the environment and improved public health. The mercury-related benefits of The Mercury...

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Attacking the Mercury and Air Toxics Standards is Poisonous for Our Children

BY ON December 28, 2018
Today, Trump’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) released a proposal to undermine and weaken the life-saving Mercury and Air Toxics Standards (MATS), which sets limits on mercury pollution from coal-fired power plants. Mercury, a neurotoxic heavy metal, is particularly harmful to the developing brains of babies...

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It’s Been a Tough Year: A Look Back and Ahead

BY ON December 20, 2018
2018 is drawing to a close. It was an exhausting year, but I’m excited about 2019. In fact, I’m counting down the days to January 3, when the House of Representatives turns Democratic. (Yes, every vote counts!) It’s impossible to keep up with the news...

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Our Children Need Health Protections Strengthened, Not Rolled Back

BY ON December 12, 2018
This post is written by Rev. Dr. Ambrose Carroll, Green the Church Co-Founder. It first appeared in Successful Black Parenting (used with permission): Today, being Black in America is dangerous. My wife and I don’t want our children to worry about their survival. We want them to run,...

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There’s No Such Thing As Clean Coal

BY ON December 3, 2018
Here’s a dirty little secret: “U.S. taxpayers have spent billions of dollars subsidizing chemically treated refined coal.” “The tax-credit program is bridging the divide to make coal clean and beautiful,” said North Dakota Republican Congressman Kevin Cramer, borrowing President Trump’s two favorite adjectives to describe...

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