Facebook Soars To 30,000! Thank You MCAF Members!

BY ON March 25, 2013

image has text which reads: high fives to our 30,000 clean air fans!

We hit a historic moment at Moms Clean Air Force today — our FACEBOOK page soared to 30,000! We want to THANK YOU, because without your passion for creating a healthier world for our children, we could never have formed such an inspiring clean air community!

Reflecting on this exciting milestone, we’re paying tribute to MCAF members for sending such thoughtful and kind emails, FACEBOOK messages and TWEETS.

Here are two excerpts from emails that were sent in response to our recap of the DC climate rally:

“Thank you, Dominique! This is such a collective consciousness and strong act of willingness to stand our ground and demand change – change is at our fingertips! Thank you for taking the bull by the horns bringing us all together to fight for our kids…Keep up the steadfast spirit! Love, Diane S.”

“Dominique, I was so excited to watch the demonstration unfold. What was of great interest to me was that so many diverse groups fighting for the same goal came together…thank you, spread the idea that if all of these groups support each other in such events as this, they will have a larger audience, publicly and politically…Thank you for all you do. Sincerely, Michelle L.”

On FACEBOOK we get lots of encouraging messages — like these:

“Keep up the good fight!!” ~ Eddoris H.

“Clean air for our children is one of the most important acts we can do.” ~ Delora King

“Ordinary people — your friends, neighbors, family, coworkers, fellow parishioners — coming together and blazing a trail where our leaders fear to tread. Heroes, every last one of them.” ~ Spike

“I was so happy to see you there in Washington. Brought the whole family from Massachusetts. Thank you! “~ Faith S.

“Love, love, love this page…So much good info…thank you!” ~ Molly G.

Check out these TWEETS!









These love notes reinforce the strong clean air community we’ve built TOGETHER! Notes like these enrich all the work we do here at MCAF. Thank you for your constant support, encouragement and love…and THANK YOU to our hundred of thousands of MCAF members who sign our petitions and help our children breathe easier now and in the future!

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