MCAF Pre-BlogHer ’11 BlogRadio Discussion: Malcolm Gladwell Is Missing the Point

Event: Change the World | Malcolm Gladwell is Missing the Point: This Revolution WILL Happen Online Because Parents Love Our Kids
Date: July 27, 2011
Time: 2:30 PM EST
Location: BlogTalk Radio
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Moderator: Cheryl Contee, Jack and Jill Politics

With Elisa Batista, founder of Mothertalkers; Joanne Bamberger, aka PunditMom and author of Mothers of Intention; and Dominique Browning, author of Slow Love, blogger at Slow Love Life, former editor-in-chief of House & Garden, and lead blogger for the Moms Clean Air Force

This program description was adapted from the Blogher ’11 agenda

Sure, social media may be “just a tool”. A communications tool. An organizing tool. A truth-exposing tool. A can’t-be-ignored tool. A global tool. A peaceful tool. An accessible tool. A barrier-breaking tool. It’s many tools in one, it’s even a floor wax. The point is: social media is being used for good, doing good, and accomplishing good every day, and it brings power to the people. The kind of power that changes laws, changes corporate policies, and even changes governments. Moms and dads are using social media to hold our lawmakers accountable and to elevate the issues important to the health and future of our families, such as clean air.

Please join us for this blog radio discussion, which will get you in the right mind set for the BlogHer ‘11 session, Impact: Change the World – Malcolm Gladwell is Missing the Point: Revolutions are Happening Online, also moderated by Cheryl Contee. Cheryl will be joined by Elisa Batista, who will talk about parent activists, Joanne Bamberger, who will share insights from her new book, Mothers of Intention, and Dominique Browning, who will talk about how the fight for clean air must be be waged by online by parents concerned for their kids’ health.

TOPICS: Activism, Politics