Massachusetts Moms: Please Join The Fight For Clean Air!

BY ON February 15, 2012

Rachel MurphyThis is a guest post written by Rachel Murphy from Cambridge, Massachusetts:

Are you like most moms, willing to do anything to protect your kids’ health? If yes, then please join me, and the Moms Clean Air Force in a great campaign in Massachusetts to defend the Clean Air Act and the air that our kids breathe. We need Massachusetts’ moms who are willing to share their stories about their struggles to manage their child’s asthma and why breathing clean air is so important to their health.

Both of my kids have asthma, but my daughter’s asthma can be scary and challenging. It’s been a harrowing ordeal these past years, trying to manage her medications which sometimes make her angry or sad, in addition to getting her back and forth to doctor’s appointments, frantically rushing her to the emergency room, and constantly worrying about her when she is not with me.

I’ll do anything to make it easier for my daughter and other kids like her, so I’ve been speaking out about how her asthma affects her life, each and every day, and the need to protect the air she breathes. Inside of the home, I do everything I can to make her environment free from triggers, but I have to rely on my legislators to make the air safe to breathe when she steps outside.

In Massachusetts, we write letters to the editor, attend events, or email members of Congress about why the Clean Air Act is so important. Some people simply share their stories and allow others to tell it for them. I’ve always considered myself shy, but this campaign has given me a voice and increased my confidence about speaking out.

The Moms Clean Air Force has thousands of moms and dads from all over the country harnessing the power of mother love and standing strong with Massachusetts against polluters. If you’re a Massachusetts’ mom and want to do more to improve the health of our children by protecting the air they breathe, please contact Candace Lavin at We don’t ask for too much of your time and it’s such an important cause.

I look forward to hearing your stories and working with you on our campaign. Thanks.


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