Why I’m Marching In The People’s Climate March

BY ON September 11, 2014

Kelly NicholsThis is written by Kelly Nichols:

As a mother, I want to give my young children the best chance for a healthy future. I’m marching in the People’s Climate March because I notice everyday how much the world has changed since I was a child. I think of my twins, who are almost 3 years old, and wonder how long it will be before climate change has made the Earth unrecognizable to them. It’s scary. I want my children to know the planet as we have enjoyed it up to this point.

Emotionally, I look at what’s happening to our changing climate and think about what has to be done to keep the world livable. If we keep blithely moving forward by serving our energy interests and investments with no control over pollution and emissions, and with no serious motivation toward renewable energy, the world my children will inhabit will become an unrecognizable place.

There are MANY pessimists and climate deniers in this battle. This is the battle of our lifetime and it must be fought hard and well. My father always says, “The only time there is no hope is if you’re dead. As long as you are alive and breathing, there is hope.”

I have hope that this march will be the beginning of an awakening to change the world and move toward mitigating any more disaster. I will not put the future of my children in the hands of others, especially those who deny scientific facts. I know I am just one voice in a group of many people calling for climate justice next week, but my voice will ring out with others banding together to change everything.

If you told me that coming from our home in Chicago to New York City, on my knees, would secure a healthy future for my children, I would do it. Because I have hope, I would do anything for them. I want to be able to look at my twins and say, “I fought for you. I fought for your future, and I always, always will.”

Kelly Nichols is currently a stay at home mom of twin toddlers. Before they were born, she was an actress, singer, playwright and stand up comedian in New York City. She has recently relocated to Chicago suburbs where she hopes to rejoin the entertainment world when the twins are a little bit older. Right now she’s funneling her passion and energy into changing the world, or at least working on it while her children are napping.




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