Mama Summit: Virginia


Mama Summit is a chance for moms, dads, grandparents, and kids from across the country to show broad and united support for children’s health. Together in a bipartisan, or MOMpartisan, setting we will demand action to protect the air our children breathe–both indoor and outdoor–and call for action on climate change.

On February 19 we held our first Mama Summit of 2015 at the Virginia General Assembly Building in Richmond, VA. All carbon emissions associated with transportation for this event were offset by MOM’s Organic Market, via TerraPass.

Highlights from the day:


“We are advocates for our children. I believe that we each have a responsibility to protect their health and that of future generations. We must NOT delay in making changes that will provide clean air for our environment and continue to protect those who depend on us to do the right thing.” –Linda Hudgens, Virginia Asthma Coalition 

“When I hit a health crisis in my early thirties, it took a lot of detoxification protocols and lifestyle changes for me to get well enough to start a family. I want my children’s bodies to be filled with the healthiest possible food, air and water so that they will not face chronic health issues in adulthood or allergies and asthma as they are growing. They do not deserve to have compromised health just because they were born after decades of other people’s poor choices.” –Jessica Claire Haney, mother and founder of the Arlington/Alexandria chapter of Holistic Moms Network

“I am so passionate about fighting for clean air, climate justice, environmental justice and our children’s health in VA because too often the voice of the disenfranchised is overlooked and ignored.  Especially, the voices of disenfranchised youth. As a scientist, deeply rooted in my community in VA and GA, my life’s mission aligns with that of the Southeast CARE Coalition’s mission to provide scientifically sound, socially relevant, and community specific environmental information that inspires, educates, and empowers communities to take action. In many aboriginal cultures, it is well understood that the life and legacy we create, lives on through our children. Yesterday, today, and tomorrow I continue this fight for those that came before and those that have yet to come.” –Dr. Erica Holloman, Project Coordinator, Southeast CARE Coalition



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