Moms and Mayors: Mama Summits in Action (photos)

BY ON May 8, 2018


moms and mayors mama summits in action

Our Moms and Mayors Mama Summits are in full swing! We’re hosting Mama Summits in 11 cities, giving Moms across the nation the opportunity to work directly with local officials.

Moms & Mayors resources give you the tools you need to work with your community’s local government towards clean air solutions. And right now, local action has never been more important – or inspiring. Our federal government may be rolling back air, water, and climate protections, but mayors across the country are finding innovative solutions: running their cities on clean energy, saving money, and protecting children’s health.

Please flip through these photos and check out Mom activism in action!

Phoenix, AZ Mama Summit

How will you take action in your community?



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