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BY ON October 9, 2012

 Sarah MazzoneMCAF was named charity of the month by Main Line Parent! This was written by Sarah Mazzone, Made In USA Challenge:

Main Line residents have a lot to be proud of. Our community is home to a string of beautiful, clean towns with thriving business districts. Our school districts are ranked high nationally, and we are home to several top institutions of higher education. Our neighborhoods are safe, diverse and full of charm. From Overbrook to Malvern, the Main Line is arguably among the most sought out areas in the Philadelphia region.

Why Main Line Moms should care about clean air:  

While our area has a wealth of resources for our children, there is one thing at which the Main Line is deficient. Our air quality is literally failing. Our air received an “F” rating for ozone quality by the American Lung Association’s State of the Air. Additionally, the Philadelphia region is currently ranked as the 10th worst city in America for air particle pollution and 16th worst in high ozone days.

Why our children need clean air:

Main Line Moms have a reputation for putting our children first. We seek out the healthiest foods for our kids nutrition and the best after-school programs for enrichment. But when it comes to the air pollution, we must fight to protect our children’s right to clean air. The standards set by the Clean Air Act are under constant threat by lobbyists and politicians. Clean air is critical to the health and development of our children, who are most vulnerable to air pollution. This air pollution has been linked to a slew of health effects for our children, including asthma, pre-term labor, infant mortality and possibly, childhood cancer.

How Moms (and Dads!) can take action to protect our children’s health:

  • Join the Mom’s Clean Air Force: We are a community of parents dedicated to fighting for clean air for our children’s health. Sign-up for actions alerts at our website and stayed updated with issues affecting our local area. We make it easy to be a “Naptime Activist” by providing quick and easy ways to take action like signing a petition or sharing news updates.
  • Write our representatives:Use automated forms found on the Mom’s Clean Air Force site or take pen to stationary we provide to let our elected officials know we demand strong, enforceable limits on threats like soot pollution and mercury emissions.
  • Stay updated on local issues: The local Pennsylvania chapter of the Mom’s Clean Air Force hosts regular events in our community. Check in with the PA page to find out what the current critical issues are facing our area’s air quality and how to action.

Moms of the Main Line have the power to protect the children of our community from toxic air pollution. I hope you will join the Mom’s Clean Air Force and help us repair our area’s our otherwise sparkling report card. Our children’s health and futures depend on it.

Thank you Sarah and Main Line Parent!

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