Facing Climate Change with Courage and Heart with Dominique Browning

BY ON March 5, 2018

Kripalu Conference about facing climate change with courage and heart

This was written by Sarah Finnie Robinson:

Environmental activism can be draining. And no wonder! Around the world, the scientists who track global warming are sounding urgent alarms. The severe weather they’ve warned would happen is in fact now happening. Impacts are lethal, disruptive, massively costly, and downright scary. And yet. The experts say we are not moving quickly enough to reduce and halt the carbon emissions at the root of the problem.

Despite the science-scrubbing Administration and intentionally confusing messages from dark sources, more and more Americans are concerned about global warming. We want to be aware of the facts and we want to be actively working on solutions that will affect our children now and for generations to come.

Frankly you’d think everyone—all of us, everyone we know – would want to do whatever they possibly can to stop this runaway train. There is no Planet B, after all. But sadly, as we know, everyone does not agree with that sentiment, and they’re likely remain obdurate no matter what.

It’s enough to rattle even the most determined climate advocate.

Which is why we all need a break from time to time!

Several months into the Trump regime, I decided to treat myself to a getaway at Kripalu, the world-class Center for Yoga & Health in western Massachusetts. It was quiet. Stars filled the night sky. I had the choice to indulge in unlimited types of yoga classes, guided meditations, hiking, forest bathing, journal writing, massage, or just plop into a comfy chair.

Sure enough, after a few hours I had an idea! Why not create a conference here, at Kripalu, for people who are concerned about climate change? A program to learn the best practices of the ancient wisdom of mindfulness and wellness, to help find solutions for the climate crisis. Kripalu faculty is second to none when it comes to self-care, and what Mom activist doesn’t need a whopping dose of that?!

Facing Climate Change with Courage and Heart

Fast-forward, and the program, Facing Climate Change with Courage and Heart, takes place March 18 to 21. And you are heartily invited!

Joining the esteemed Kripalu faculty, the program will include a dream team of presenters at the forefront of climate change work, including representatives from Al Gore’s Climate Reality project, the Yale “6 Americas” public attitudes research, 350.org’s Bill McKibben, and our very own, Moms Clean Air Force’s Senior Director, Dominique Browning.

This is a unique opportunity for Moms to hear Dominique’s personal journey, her deeply felt connection to the wonders of nature, and the incredible experience of growing our advocacy group, engaging over a million Moms. At Kripalu, Dominique will teach us to understand how to speak with elected officials from both sides of the aisle. Each and every day, Dominique activates the members of Moms Clean Air Force to keep fighting for children’s health, and she’ll bring to Kripalu inspiring stories from the field.

We hope to see you there! Armed with ancient and new strategies that will open hearts and minds, and we’ll return to this great work reinvigorated, refueled, and wonderfully Kripalued.

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