Julianne Moore Speaks About Moms and Climate Change

Video: Julianne Moore – What Every Mother Needs to Know About Climate Change

Julianne Moore, mom and award-winning actress, talks about what every mother needs to know about climate change. Watch her video now and let Washington politicians hear your voice protecting our children and grandchildren »

Julianne Moore Asks For A Plan To Fight Climate Change


Too many politicians are only adding more hot air to the climate conversation.


The Mother of All Campaigns


Congratulations, President Obama. Now is the time to launch the Mother of All Campaigns — to stop climate change before it’s too late.


Is Extreme Weather The New Norm?


During July 2012, temperatures were 3.3 degrees above the average temperatures for the 20th century.


Climate And Weather Q&A


Doctors, nurses, and public health officials agree: industrial carbon pollution threatens the health of Americans.