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Interested in joining our team?

We’re looking for motivated parents who want to take our message and share it with their friends, school, faith community, or local legislators.

Your voice is powerful, your voice is important and Moms Clean Air Force can provide you with the tools to help amplify the message that our children are precious, that their health is too important. We can no longer allow the air we breathe to adversely affect our children and moms, just like you, are joining forces across the United States to demand action.

Please send a short paragraph to our National Field Director, Heather Toney at on why clean air is important to you and your family. Heather will connect with you and discuss ways that you can take action in your community. Moms Clean Air Force will then provide you with an Action Toolkit that includes all the materials you need to make a difference.

Current Job Openings:

Colorado Field Consultant 

Florida Field Consultant

Nevada Field Consultant

Texas Field Consultant

We look forward to hearing from you!

Moms Clean Air Force is a special project of Environmental Defense Fund.