Warrior Mom?

BY ON November 18, 2016
Ivanka Trump and daughter Arabella, Election Day 2016

Ivanka and Arabella, Election Day 2016

This post was written by Sarah Finnie Robinson:

Of all the reasons to assume warrior pose these days — and there are so so many — top on my list is global warming. It would be ideal if our President-elect could change his mind and lead on clean energy, based on the facts. Impossible, you say? I have an idea on how we get there, and her name is Ivanka.

Before you boo, please hear me out.

Everyone knows that mothers are fierce when their offspring are in danger. And for all the white men surrounding the President-elect, and seen whispering in one anothers’ ears, jockeying for position in the new cabinet, I can count three women who have Trump’s ear on matters of state. (This week, with the news of Nikki Haley’s visibility, we may have four). Their names are Melania, Kellyanne, and Ivanka. All of them are mothers. I pick Ivanka. Have a look. Here she is bringing her daughter to vote, and here she is with her daughter on election night. She has another daughter and a son at home, and she expresses fierce opinions on women and children: “I’ve said throughout the campaign that I am very passionate about certain issues,” she told Lesley Stahl on 60 Minutes on Sunday:

“I want to fight for them. Wage equality, child care: These are things that are very important for me. I’m very passionate about education. Really promoting more opportunities for women. So you know, there’re a lot of things that I feel deeply, strongly about.” ~ Ivanka Trump

Ivanka is a warrior mother. (Tweet this)

Meet Arabella Kushner, 5, daughter of Ivanka and Jared Kushner. Behold the body language: her mother’s reassuring hands clasp the small girl’s shoulders from above and behind, assuring her security. Can you remember the last time somebody did that for you? It felt great. It was phenomenal. It made you feel confident, loved, and safe. That person cares deeply about you and wants you to be your best self, really happy. We all need more of that. And that’s what mothers do.

I’m sure the six degrees of separation idea applies here. Who knows Ivanka? Who can take her for coffee, who can take her pulse? Is she open to a conversation on climate change? Does she have questions about the science? Could we arrange a meeting with one of our nation’s great minds, perhaps a university professor, an author, a filmmaker, a sage, or even a fellow lithe blonde mom (whose husband supported Donald Trump) who understands the facts?

It’s a simple equation after all. Ivanka strikes me as a smart woman. I feel sure she’d get it. Not only that, she’s influential. Why wouldn’t she speak up to her father, and others, once she grasps the urgency we all know is essential. Then, maybe, just maybe, we could all avoid the gruesome delays that have us collectively wincing in anticipation of every news cycle.

Warrior moms, is it worth a shot?


Sarah Finnie RobinsonSarah Finnie Robinson is the Founding Partner at WeSpire the science-based behavior-change platform that engages employees for purpose and positive impact. Previously at The Atlantic, iVillage, The New Yorker. Blogs at HuffingtonPost. Scholar, Aspen Institute. MIT Climate CoLab judge. Net Impact mentor. Boards: Boston Harbor Now; Metcalf Institute; Princeton78 Foundation for global service. Frequent speaker on behavior science, sustainability, work-life. Princeton BA, Middlebury MA, inaugural altMBA. Tweets @SarahFRobinson



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