How Much Coal is in Your Life?

BY ON July 6, 2011

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With over 500 coal plants spewing industrial chemicals into our air everyday, clean air is a topic we can’t ignore. It effects the food we eat, the air we breath, the water we swim in, and the world our children live in.

Want to find out how much coal is impacting your life,Coal-fired power plant where you live?

Visit this link from the Sierra Club and answer three simple questions:  where do you live, what do you eat, and how you live.  Then you’ll receive your number.  It’s between one and ten.  The higher your score, the more your health is effected by coal pollution. It will give you the data, straight up. No sugar coating this.  It will tell you how many asthma attacks and deaths in your county were linked to coal pollution.  The report also tells you an estimation of how much mercury you take in, and if you might be sensitive to poor air quality.

Find out how much coal effects your life (and your family’s).  Then you can share your results with friends on Twitter and Facebook, and send the results to the EPA.  They are currently proposing new limits on mercury, smog and heavy metals from power plants– and need to hear from concerned parents nationwide.

This campaign brings this issue right where it should be– in our faces, because pollution from coal effects our lives in profound ways.   That is why I am part of theMoms Clean Air Force, fighting to protect our kids from air pollution.  Grab your cape and join me.  We need all of us to fight the powerful, uber-wealthy and tricky coal industry.  It will take all of us, capes firmly attached, to defeat them and secure higher air quality standards for our children.  Do phone booths even exist anymore?  We don’t need ’em.  Grab your computer and join the force.

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