This Map Shows What Every Governor Really Believes About Climate Change

With every superstorm, drought, wildfire, and flood, our nation’s governors see the impacts of climate change first hand.

The Clean Power Plan targets carbon pollution and will provide meaningful action against climate change. Because, for the first time ever, we have a plan that would limit carbon pollution from its largest source – power plants. It is a step in the right direction and it can succeed if our nation’s governors get on board.

Under the Clean Power Plan, states will have to submit individual implementation plans for reducing carbon pollution. This is good for states. It means that they can design specific plans to fit their needs. Governors can help move states toward feasible plans in a timely way; they can also stand in the way of climate action by refusing to draft a plan.

This map from Climate Progress categorizes governors into four groups: green for those who both accept climate science and are taking action to fight climate change; orange for those who either accept or haven’t openly denied climate science, but also have yet to take serious action to address climate change; red for those who have failed to take action or openly rejected to federal safeguards to address climate change, and red with stripes for climate deniers.

According to Climate Progress, “Fifteen out of twenty-nine sitting Republican governors deny climate science despite the overwhelming level of scientific consensus, the enormous cost to taxpayers, and the critical place governors occupy in implementing new limits on carbon pollution. None of the country’s Democratic governors have made public statements denying climate change.”

Those who deny climate science are not protecting our children’s health. Let them know you support clean energy solutions.

Map courtesy of Climate Progress

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