Moms Clean Air Force Applauds Governor Bullock for Working to Build Montana-Made Plan to Reduce Carbon Pollution

BY ON November 13, 2015

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(November 13, 2015 – Livingston, Montana) Moms Clean Air Force issued the following statement in response to Governor Bullock’s announcement of a stakeholder process to support the development of a plan to reduce carbon pollution in Montana:

“Governor Bullock’s work to build a Montana-made plan to reduce carbon pollution in our state will have direct public health benefits for Montana families and families across America. The formation of the Clean Power Plan Advisory Council is an important step in the right direction to protect clean air and public health in Montana.

“In developing a Montana-made strategy for complying with the Clean Power Plan, our state has a tremendous opportunity to better protect children, and all Montanans. If we are serious in our collective commitment to the health and well-being of Montana children and families, we must swiftly create a strategy for compliance, one that emphasizes clean energy and efficiency and that protects our most vulnerable populations.

“We applaud Governor Bullock for his leadership and moving forward with a Montana-made plan to reduce carbon pollution.

“It’s worth the effort. Cutting carbon pollution from power plants will mean fewer asthma attacks, fewer missed days of school and fewer hospital visits for Montana’s families. Reducing carbon and other dangerous air pollutants from power plants will bring meaningful relief in the form of healthier air and healthier Montana children.”



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