Free Screening of “STINK!” in Support of Breast Cancer Awareness Month

BY ON September 28, 2016

graphic announcing free screening of documentary STINK in honor of breast cancer awareness month

“By keeping the ingredients secret, companies are taking away our ability to make informed choices. In other words, we don’t even have the right to choose whether we want to be exposed to a carcinogen...Americans need to know that our system to regulate chemicals stinks!” 

We’re excited to announce that the documentary “STINK!” will be free to the public for the entire month of October in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month.

As 1 in 2 Americans will be diagnosed with cancer in their lifetime (Tweet this), we urgently need to know about the hidden cancer-causing chemicals lurking in our everyday products. We wrongly assume that if a product is on the store shelf then it must be safe. “STINK!” reveals the truth about chemical and cosmetics regulation in America that every person needs to know.

Moms Clean Air Force blogger, Diane MacEachern reviewed “STINK!” for us HERE. Please watch the trailer and tune in free on during Breast Cancer Awareness Month this October.


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