“Eye Of The Future” Gives Children Clean Air Hope

BY ON September 22, 2011

 Ana FloresAs a mom I want to lead the future generation by example, to start as early as possible to teach my child how to care for our planet. But the task can be daunting: our President just shocked us all by deciding to go along with the fallacy that caring for the environment costs us jobs. He ignores the numbers–almost three million people are currently receiving paychecks from clean economy jobs.

When the politics get crazy, I turn to fact-based support, like this new report by Brookings Institution that found:

“…the clean economy employs more workers than the fossil fuel industry…”

Why do you think pro-polluter lobbyists have now disguised our fight for clean air as the nemesis to job creations, one of the culprits of our nation’s economic crisis? If we know that a clean, green economy creates jobs, then why the need to take a huge step back in protecting our air and water? Our kids depend on the very important EPA regulations to reduce exposure to harmful and dangerous contaminants in our environment.

Unfortunately, some politicians are not safeguarding our future when they propose bills like the TRAIN Act, which would delay instituting Cross-State Air Pollution Regulations and Mercury and Air Toxics Standards for power plants. Please make your voice heard to STOP the TRAIN Act.

After the baffling contradictions coming from our trusted President, it was a breath of fresh air to receive a pitch in my inbox this week promoting a new environmental documentary aimed at our kids called, Eye of The Future.

This film launched last week to coincide with Climate Week happening in NYC next week. It is a docu-story about five children of UN Ambassadors from five different countries. They are challenged by Mother Earth to come up with innovative ways to reduce our carbon footprint based on what is being done in their communities and cultures.

Eye of the Future DVD coverFrom the press release:

As the “eyes of the future”, they are called upon by Earth to share their stories and further expand their visions into inspiring, game-changing global scenarios for reducing our global carbon footprint. They are challenged to reduce global carbon from 390 ppm (parts/million) carbon in the atmosphere to 320ppm by exchanging stories of real carbon-saving solutions from their home countries around the globe. The film introduces examples of clean technologies and sustainable design from around the world.

You can watch the full trailer for Eye of The Future, directed by Catherine Cunningham, here.

I am excited to watch this film with my daughter; I want to start engaging in age appropriate conversations with her about important environmental issues–without scaring her. But she needs to understand that nearly half of all our country’s Latino population lives in the most polluted cities in the U.S.

If Congress and our President cannot do what it takes to safeguard our future then I need to lead the future generation by my example. I’ll model being a good citizen, and then give my daughter what she needs to be much more prepared than I was to understand how important it is to fight for what is right.

Please JOIN MOMS CLEAN AIR FORCE and tell us, do you have a movie you watch with your kids that teaches them about the environment? 


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