MCAF And Artists Launch Eco-Themed Mural In Pacoima

BY ON January 31, 2014
Jose Sigala, MCAF Field Manager

Jose Sigala, MCAF Field Manager

This was written by Marie Rains for Examiner

Pacoima Beautiful hosted a community mural launch titled Art and Sustainabity/Arte y Sostenibilidad, Sunday.

The mural adds to a growing mural movement in Pacoima, especially along Van Nuys Blvd, emerging with a unique caliber of artistry.

Jorge Madrid of Environmental Defense Fund co-presented the mural, flanked by local artists’ works. Seasoned L.A. artist Oscar Magallanes showed new pieces made especially for the event, and Artist Mauro Carrera also contributed to the launch.

Photographers gathered as the mural’s chief artist, Kristy Sandoval, spoke briefly and posed with the first section of the mural. Soon to be expanded, it shows a “Keep Pacoima Beautiful” slogan and layered themes, including references to urban harmony with the environment.

“Flowers” crafted from plastic bottles by Pacoima youth dotted the lawn and punctuated the mural. Children and adults were invited to take the flowers home as souvenirs, each one serving as both a decorative pencil and a colorful lawn ornament.

Thanking artists and supporters, the Deputy Director of Pacoima Beautiful, Yvette Lopez-Ledesma, opened the mural launch.

From their table, Youth United Towards Environmental Protection invited locals to the coming Fruit Tree Giveaway Festival, March 1, 2014.

Moms Clean Air Force also chatted with residents of Pacoima and visitors about the positive impact of solar roof panels in the San Fernando Valley.

The purpose statement for the event, posted on the event’s web page, was “a celebration of local art, sustainability, and a greener, healthier community.”


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