“Eco Mind” by Frances Moore Lappé: Review and Giveaway

BY ON June 3, 2013

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When we think of the environment, topics such as pollution, climate change, or toxic chemicals that surround us, can make us feel helpless. It’s hard to feel optimistic, and it’s easy to blame others for the plight we are up against.

But according to one author, we can make a difference, by shifting how we think about what we do.

Frances Moore Lappé is a well renown author, activist, and a visionary. She has worked tirelessly against poverty and for environment causes. Along with writing 18 thought provoking books, she’s founded three organizations. Ms. Lappé is a sought after public speaker on subjects relating to the environment. She makes people think about the causal relationships that affect us and how they fit into the culture of the “blame game.”

And she’s done it again in her latest book called. “Eco-Mind: Changing the way we think, to create the world we want” when she encourages her readers to reassess how they think about the environment.

Not just another environmental book

At first, I assumed this was just another environmental book that was going to let me know how I’ve screwed up by robbing the earth of its rich resources…and how I have to stop using fossil fuel, ditch toxic chemicals, stop driving, and become a vegan. This is not a scornful book that made me feel like a failing earthling. Instead, it presented “possibilities” of ideas and dreams that we can look forward to by re-shaping our minds.

 Powerful and inspiring, EcoMind will open your eyes and change your thinking. I want everyone to read it.” ~Jane Goodall

Ms. Lappé mentioned the mental traps people go through, like rules:

…humans love rules that enhance our sense of belonging and that give structure and meaning to our lives. They work and take hold quickly when people feel engaged in shaping them and when they make sense to us. Knowing all this, we can go beyond rules that limit harm and establish ground rules that avoid harm to begin with.”

In addition, she also believes humans are doers and creators. We are not helpless. We don’t want “waste and destruction” as one might think looking at our economic or environmental status. Instead, she believes we already have the solution to the ecological problems. Humans want to be part of that solution.


Ms. Lappé said we need to shift our minds from: “blame” to “mutual accountability.” This involves control to power to co-create; democracy as only a structure of government (top down) to a real “Living Democracy” (bottom up); and finally, “paralyzing despair to honest hope.”

Ms. Lappé explained in an interview with Green Sisterhood, that the new term she wants her readers to embrace is being “possibilists.” She implored everyone to think of possibilities and not be just optimistic. She also urged to work together as a community to achieve common goals.

The last statement resonated with me profoundly since the 130K+ members of Moms Clean Air Force, have been instrumental in making positive changes for better air quality. If we think of all the possibilities of working together as a community, she envisions, “we have more power than we’d ever imagined both to gain courage from others and to give it.” Amen to that!


There are so many more concepts and successful environmental “possibility” stories of  communities from around the world in Eco-Mind. And Ms. Lappé was gracious to offer a copy of her book, Eco-Mind: Changing the way we think, to create the world we want to one of our readers!

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