Discussing Energy Without Talking About Climate Change Is Like…

BY ON October 22, 2012

See no evil, hear no evil, speak no evil moms

There’s a deafening and worrisome void coming from our Presidential Candidates about their plans to address climate change. Without a plan that discusses energy that doesn’t pollute, we’re no closer to protecting our children from dirty energy sources that spew mercury, carcinogens and soot. And we’re no closer to ending the damaging effects of global warming.

In a few hours, the candidates will “go at it” one last time to discuss their views on foreign policy. Tonight’s debate is the perfect opportunity for President Obama and Governor Romney to roll up their sleeves and let the American people, and the rest of the world, know their plans to shield our children from dirty energy sources that pollute.

During the last two debates, the candidates discussed coal, oil, and gas, but left out what they plan to do about climate change. After the last debate, MSNBC’s Chris Hayes said:

Chris Hayes

Great metaphor! A few others come to mind:

Discussing energy without talking about climate is…like building a house in a flood zone…like watering your lawn during a drought…like fanning a wildfire…like handing an overheated planet to our children to clean up…

The Presidential Candidates need to get serious on climate change. Let’s help by filling in the blank in the comments box below. Please complete this sentence:

“Discussing energy without telling the American people what you will do about the climate crisis is like ____________.”



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