Denver MCAF Member Speaks Out, Asking The Presidential Candidates To Protect Our Children!

BY ON October 3, 2012

Woman with two small boys at Denver climate change rally

This is the text from a speech MCAF member, Pamela Campos gave on October 1, 2012 at a rally sponsored by Moms Clean Air Force and Climate Parents:

President Obama, Governor Romney, Colorado’s families know all too well the costs of climate change. As wildfires destroyed 1.3 million acres across the country this year, in Colorado we lost over 500 homes to the Waldo Canyon Fire, High Park, and Last Chance Fires

In August, my three year-old son and I watched the fires in Colorado Springs, and talked about the pain of losing toys, clothes, books, and memories. I saw in his face for the first time the recognition that our planet is not secure, that we have to work to protect what has been given to us.

I’m asking from one mother to two fathers, from one parent to another – what’s your plan to protect our mountains?

We are at a turning point in history.  We need our political leaders to assume responsibility – to meet this serious challenge in a serious way, to restore every father and mother’s confidence that our children will have the same opportunities to pick a columbine flower, to watch the pika scramble at the base of a peak, to fish for Colorado’s Greenback Cutthroat Trout.

Climate change is real – it’s damaging the health of our families, hurting our communities.

President Obama, what is your plan to lead the country into a new era of energy efficiency?

Governor Romney, What is your plan to cut the carbon and methane pollution that is causing climate change?

This crisis demands the best of us – starting at the top. On Wednesday, tell us how you plan to protect our mountains, plains, rivers, wildlife, infrastructure, our very ways of living?

On Wednesday, President Obama and Governor Romney, Please tell my son, Tae-ji, what you will do to protect the climate?


Photo: Drew Carlson

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