Mom Notes from COP21

BY ON December 7, 2015

Moms Clean Air Force booth in Paris at COP21


At our booth in the Climate Generations area in Paris, moms and dads from around the world are coming by to learn about our work in the U.S., look at pictures of our members in action (that means you!), and talk about how we are trying to shift the climate change discussion, from the ground up.

Woman in front of Moms Clean Air Force booth in Paris at COP21We’ve met parents from Argentina, Kenya, Japan, Brazil, China, India, Indonesia, Mali, Tunisia, and France (bien sur), as well as other countries. They are eager to show the world they are here to protect children. More importantly, their faces light up when they talk about their kids. We are gathering that light together here. After all, Motherlove is a very potent source of renewable energy!

As we head into Week 2 at COP21, I have noticed that no one seems to be surprised about where the agreement stands. A few days ago, former Vice President Al Gore spoke with non-profit organizations about what was happening at the COP. He said,

“It’s always at this point [the end of Week 1] that things start to fall apart.”

But he urged people not to get discouraged…

“I expect and hope to move toward a very meaningful result.”

Asked by an American teenager what she can do to make a difference, Mr. Gore touched on the importance of engaging in the political process.

“We are in a crisis of democracy. Every voter must be a climate voter from now on.”

Mr. Gore reminded us of a Wallace Stevens poem:

After the final no there comes a yes
And on that yes the future world depends.

Moms Clean Air Force in Paris PHOTOS HERE.


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