3 Reasons Conservatives Support Solar

BY ON February 22, 2013

Hands framing the sun in a blue sky

Climate change is our responsibility whether our ticket is red or blue. We are all responsible for children’s health, regardless of our political persuasions. However, conservative news networks have come out against solar energy in the US.

The issue of climate change has certainly amplified the line between the parties. As a conservative, I am realizing more and more that I’m going against the grain by choosing to support renewable energy as a means to rid our country of fossil fuels. I want to utilize an energy source that doesn’t pollute and harm our children.

Solar energy has the potential to revolutionize how we power the US! Here’s how you can educate friends and family who may not support solar energy:

3 Reasons Conservatives Should Support Solar

  1. 1. Solar energy will aid in the reduction of air pollution – Because solar power doesn’t rely on fossil fuels, there won’t be toxic emissions spewing into our air. Solar energy converts the sun’s radiation. Therefore, it is only taking what we already have available to us and harnessing its power in a clean, efficient manner. The solar panels themselves produce no pollution; and although the initial investment can be costly, considering that Americans spend approximately $10 billion on the direct cost of asthma care on an annual basis, the benefits out weigh the initial financial output.
  2. Solar energy offers the hope of self-reliance – Obviously, our current reliance on oil and coal requires cooperation from other countries and when we are at odds with those countries, our costs rise exponentially and there are security risks. If Germany is about to use solar energy for 48% of it’s electricity needs, we certainly can! The amount of sun that the US sees on a per foot basis compared to Germany is far more and yet in 2011, the US only used renewable resources to account for 12.7% of our electricity generation.

    Map of photovoltaic solar resource in the United States

  3. There IS a market for solar energy and it creates a stable job climate for Americans – Let’s face it, our economy is not booming. However, a study by a non-partisan group found, green economies are adding jobs at a “torrid pace.” Stable employment is highly beneficial for reducing financial stresses in families. Understandably, it’s hard for people to accept something new in the market. But solar is renewable!

Regardless of your political affiliations, the health of our children would benefit from solar energy. The political parties know fossil fuels are laden with toxins that damage not only our health but the health of our unborn children. I’m a conservative and a scientist, and I cannot allow myself to sit by and dismiss solar energy as a source of energy-efficient power. But first and foremost, I am a mother who knows what’s best for my babies — CLEAN ENERGY.


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