Presidential Candidates: Which Way Will You Lead Us?

BY ON October 3, 2012
We were so excited when the team at Climate Parents approached Moms Clean Air Force and asked us to co-sponsor a rally and billboard in Denver before the first Presidential debate. Our collective goal was to send a strong message that parents want to know...

TOPICS: Activism, African-American Community, Coal, Dads, Heat and Extreme Weather, Latino Community, Motherhood, Renewable Energy, Social Justice

The Presidential Candidates Lay Out Their Energy Positions

BY ON September 25, 2012
October 3rd will be the first televised debate between President Obama and Republican challenger Mitt Romney. Several groups are reaching out to the evening’s moderator, Jim Lehrer, asking for the inclusion of a question about environmental policy and climate change. Along with Mom’s Clean Air...

TOPICS: Clean Air Rules and Regulations, Coal, Fracking, Natural Gas, Politics, Renewable Energy, Science