An Artistic Depiction Of Climate Change

BY ON April 22, 2013

Blue skies and green grass changing to orange, cloudy skies and parched earth.

When we speak to our children about climate change, it may be hard for them to visualize what it means. Sure, we can spit out facts and figures. We can talk about health related dangers, and even discuss how much it’s costing us. But how do you start a conversation and make it ‘real’ for children…or climate deniers?

One way I try to inspire change and educate my family, is to show movies and films. It’s a memorable way for them to learn the facts. Unfortunately, images such as those that show the devastation caused by Supserstorm Sandy is not such a fun reminder. But it does make us confront the reality that climate change is here to stay.

Here are some creative ways we can educate those who don’t understand or believe climate change is real:

Tideline project shows what rising sea levels will look like:

David Suzuki Foundation produced a guerrilla campaign, “Tideline Project” to bring awareness about global warming. Watch the reactions from people in this video.

When sea levels rise in cities:

The visual imagery depicting what rising sea waters will do to our lives is a powerful and effective medium to show those who do not understand the urgency of climate change.

Statue of Liberty

Statue of liberty now

Statue of Liberty as climate change causes water to rise


Miami now

Miami after climate change puts it under water

Washington Monument

Washington Monument now

Washington Monument after climate change causes waters to rise

Jefferson Memorial

Jefferson Memorial now

Jefferson Memorial after climate change causes water to rise

How do YOU engage others in the conversation about climate change?

Images Credit: Copyright images used with permission from Nikolay Lamm.


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