Is Climate Change Killing Christmas Trees?

BY ON December 4, 2013

cartoon of santa in his boxers Santa is hot and worried this holiday season. He is hot because our weather is changing because our climate is changing. And he’s worried that unregulated carbon pollution from power plants is making our weather warmer, and causing…

Christmas tree shortages! Our partners over at Climate Progress are reporting Christmas tree shortages:

“…tree crops in both Vermont and New Hampshire have been seriously compromised this year following an unexpected early heat wave in March and a summer of flash floods. This is the first year that localized extreme flooding has been said to cause a decrease in Christmas tree crop, and scientists have repeatedly linked increased unexpected flooding events caused by a warmer, moister climate to man-made global warming.

Oh no! Should you buy an artificial tree?

“…according to Saint Joseph’s University plant biologist Clint Springer, buying a real Christmas tree is highly preferable to buying an artificial tree in terms of contributions to climate change. “Choosing a real Christmas tree is one way that an average person can make a difference in terms of climate change,” Springer said. “A 7-foot cut tree’s impact on climate is 60 percent less than a 7-foot artificial tree used for six years. So while cut trees are not carbon-neutral, in terms of carbon-use, they are better than artificial trees.”

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