Can Moms Trust American Car Companies?

BY ON October 3, 2017

Car companies, like this Ford dealership, are not living up to their clean air promises.

When we buy cars, we put our trust into the companies making them. And we trust that the regulations passed by our government make us safer. We trust that seat belts function. We trust that materials will withstand collision. We trust that fuels are burning as efficiently and cleanly as possible.

We literally trust carmakers with our lives—and the lives of those most precious to us: our babies.

These days, I’m wondering how we can keep trusting American automakers.

American automakers, including Ford, GM and Fiat Chrysler, are actively working to make our cars dirtier and less efficient. While some have committed to producing electric vehicles in the future, those are just a tiny portion of the cars on the road right now. Meanwhile, they are colluding with EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt to lower fuel efficiency requirements and undo vehicle greenhouse gas standards. These are the very standards that automakers APPLAUDED under President Obama.

It is surreal and cynical: the person in charge of the department that was created to protect our air—and our health, and the more vulnerable lungs, hearts, and brains of our children—is actively working to Make America Dirty Again. Who voted for that?

And the companies that make our cars are helping him along.

Bill Ford was once a leader in “green” design, a person we looked to for inspiration and innovation; a corporate executive who cared about the greenhouse gas emissions that are causing our climate crisis. His leadership has evaporated.

Fiat Chrysler is under investigation by the Justice Department—for using “defeat devices” to cheat on emissions tests in Dodge Ram and Jeep Grand Cherokee vehicles, just like Volkswagon did.

These and other car companies, including GM, which has been meeting with Pruitt, are supporting EPA’s efforts to roll back greenhouse gas emissions standards, even though it’s clear from EPA’s own analysis that the companies can meet and exceed the standards.

Fortunately, EPA is required read and respond to a public docket, so moms can register our opposition to this charade.

A mother’s trust is no small thing to squander. (Tweet this) Right now, moms know that America’s carmakers don’t care about our children’s health and future.

Join me to make sure EPA holds them to the task, despite their whining. Because our lives literally do depend on it.



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