Moms, Clean Air And The Power Of We

BY ON October 15, 2012

MCAF women holding up the world graphic

It’s no secret women carry the world on their shoulders. In this cartoon, I suggest that women are the ones who literally keep the world working, on the ground making sure the family is fed, and the business runs on time. Women do it all–from the ordinary day-to-day tasks of life, to heading corporations. And if that were not enough, women are using their spare time (if they have any) to make the world a better place, promoting peace, making sure their families rights are protected and fighting for the environment.

Mothers are a courageous group who advocate for their children every single day. One such group is the incredible Moms Clean Air Force (MCAF). These parents are fighting to protect our children’s right to clean air — just as our parents fought for us, forty years ago, when the Clean Air Act was first passed. Rallying a strong and growing force of moms, MCAF shares an important message–we share the air—and we want it clean for our families!

Women need to be recognized around the globe for doing so much for so little. Let’s celebrate the power of women because no one should have to carry the world alone.


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