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Andrew Wheeler Takes the Helm at EPA. What’s Next for Crucial Safeguards?

BY ON March 8, 2019
This was written by Martha Roberts. It originally posted on Climate 411:  Just last week, the Senate confirmed Andrew Wheeler as EPA administrator. His installation signals a broader pivot point in defending EPA safeguards. Over the last two years, the Trump administration’s efforts to categorically...

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Senate Confirms Former Coal Lobbyist Andrew Wheeler as EPA Administrator

BY ON February 28, 2019
Andrew Wheeler — a former coal industry lobbyist and Acting Administrator after disgraced Scott Pruitt resigned — has just been confirmed to become the official head of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA). This takes the country another step further in the direction of normalizing the...

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New Study: Pesticide Levels in Families Drop Dramatically After One Week of Eating Organic

BY ON February 20, 2019
This was written by Robyn O’Brien: A groundbreaking peer-reviewed study published in the journal Environmental Research found that switching to an organic diet significantly reduced the levels of synthetic pesticides found in all participants – after less than one week. On average, the pesticides detected...

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