What Happens in Your Body When You Breathe Dirty Air?

BY ON August 2, 2017

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We often talk about how air pollution harms our health—and how it especially hurts small children; they take more breaths, and their little hearts beat faster. But we didn’t exactly understand HOW the pollution harms us. What actually happens in our bodies? So we produced this new resource—to give you a gut (and heart and lung and brain) feel for what happens when you breathe in dirty air.

Air pollution causes a range of health problems (Tweet this) across multiple organ systems and multiple life stages. The specifics of these health impacts are complex, wide-ranging, and, sadly, all too real: Globally, more than 4 million people die from air pollution each year. Our new brochure explains what happens in your body – in your lungs, heart, brain, and womb – when you breathe dirty air.

Once you see what happens, we think you will understand how important it is to unite against EPA Administrator Scott Pruitt’s Pro-Polluter Agenda.

Everyone has the right to breathe clean air, and yet 125 million Americans live in counties where the air is unsafe to breathe, according to the American Lung Association. That means that almost 40% of the US population spend their lives breathing air that fails federal standards. Sometimes this air pollution is visible (and smell-able). Other times the air can look perfectly fine, and yet invisible pollution is compromising our health.

Moms across the country agree: We want clean air. No one voted to Make America Dirty Again, but that’s exactly what this new EPA is doing by gutting its budget and rolling back health protections. That’s why we are fighting every day to protect the clean air regulations that safeguard our families.


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