MCAF Blog Carnival: A Mother’s Day Gift

BY ON April 26, 2011
This year, mothers need to think big about what we want for Mother’s Day, because there’s just too much at stake. Threats to the natural environment are threats to our very motherhood, which is our ability to love and nurture our children and see them...

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A Mother’s Day Gift

BY ON April 25, 2011
I was recently thinking about Mother’s Day gifts from my sons over the years. Those wonderfully awkward clay sculptures they brought home from grade school; the colored drawings and the poems they write. And when they got a bit older, and had some pocket money,...

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BY ON April 25, 2011
This piece was cross-posted on MotherTalkers, DailyKos, and MomsRising. As co-founder and co-publisher of, I receive many books and products to review. I recently received an advance copy of Raising Elijah: Protecting Our Children In An Age of Environmental Crisis, which is now available in hardcover...

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