5 Powerful Clean Air Children’s Books

BY ON November 30, 2011
Numerous studies inform us that reading to our children stimulates their imaginations, expands vocabulary, develops analytical and logical thinking, strengthens the parent/child bond, increases attention span, creates a love of reading…and it’s a fun and loving thing to do together. But we don’t need a...

TOPICS: Motherhood, Pollution, Science

Who Speaks For The Trees?

BY ON November 30, 2011
In 1971, Dr. Seuss introduced children to resource management and environmental degradation. Well, of course, he didn’t use big boring words like that. Instead, he spun an entrancing tale, told by the ancient Once-ler, of a land of fantastical creatures — Swomee Swans, Bar-ba-Loots, and...

TOPICS: Motherhood, Pollution

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